Mikia Harris

Mikia Shae Harris was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Despite her unpolished childhood growing up amid domestic abuse, Mikia focused on her passions for track and field, healthcare, serial entrepreneurship, a financial professional and a business and mindset coach. In 2001, Mikia decided to make a needed change for her family by transitioning to Virginia’s Hampton Roads area. Understanding the importance of maintaining a solid relationship with Christ, Mikia became a member of Calvary Revival Church.

After transitioning to Virginia, Mikia maintained her entrepreneurial passion for business. Amid starting a new path for her and her family, she unexpectedly suffered a mild stroke which left her family in hardship. Her faith and pronounced declination to allow that circumstance to impede on future plans pushed her through. Her devoted family stood by her side day and night and guided her through a six-month recovery process, she didn’t allow that misfortune to slow her forward thinking. Mikia used her profound ability to help and connect with people by becoming a Registered Nurse. She proudly served as a Registered Nurse for over a decade in the Intensive Care Unit,Emergency Room and Cardiothoracic Surgery Departments. Her passion for patient care and exchanging hope to the ill, continuously fuels her as she reaches the masses with messages of endurance and giving hope to the hopeless. Mikia considers it an honor to serve in a rewarding profession such as the nursing field.

As Mikia began to build her second business in the financial services industry, she was once again faced with an adverse health scare. She was given a diagnosis of breast cancer. Although, with early detection and intervention, she endured and overcome. Mikia uses #endureanyway which tells the story of one overcoming obstacles, standing when one has been knocked down and choosing to dance in the rain when the life storms arrive. It represents survival.

Mikia takes pride in flawlessly running lucrative businesses while pushing fellow business owners to their greatest potential through her Goal Getter Coaching Program. She is the adroit Founder and CEO of E.N.D.U.R.E LLC with the purpose “to inspire the broken and give enduring power to the spirit, soul and body with weighted faith so that one can go through a complete spiritual formation and fulfill their destiny.”Knowing that Everyone Needs Divine Uplifting Restoration and Encouragement.

Today, Mikia is a powerful Motivational Speaker, Orator of The Year Nominee, Published Author, Business Coach and her purpose is to encourage all who are in need of hope and overcoming mindset roadblocks. Mikia is sharing the power of enduring, overcoming and healing by having a winning mindset, despite your current storm. In congruence with her everyday tasks of coaching and entrepreneurship, she is inspired to help the hurting people of the world through her words, her leadership, her faith, and her ability to endure all of life’s storms. Mikia is willing to be exposed in order to heal the hurting.By exceptional example, she teaches her children and others to service the community by partnering with organizations such as Journey for Success, Union Mission and the G.R.O.W Foundation. Mikia balances her life as a mother of three and a “Glam-ma” to her “Glambaby” Royal. She finds comfort in her loving and amazingly supportive friends and family.